Michael Anthony Spears, 1977-2020

Summerside, P.E.I. – March 24, 2020 – It is with great sadness that I tell of the passing of Mike Spears to cancer. Mike was a member at Cavendish Farms, where I worked with him for over a decade. He was a Steward, member of the EPC Board and helped many at his time at Cavendish. First and foremost, he was a father. My wife and I attended Prenatal classes with Mike and Lori-Ann and could see the excitement in their eyes. His little girl, Zoey, was born just a few hours before my oldest son. His wife, Lori-Ann, had to move rooms at Prince County Hospital so we had space for the birth.

Although he didn’t suffer fools, Mike would help anyone he felt had been wronged. Extremely intelligent, he rarely was at a loss for words. Countless night shifts were passed laughing over some issue that we would start picking at and turn into a joke. He always had some great story to lighten things up and loved to discuss current events. He has left us far too soon and we are lesser for it. Please keep the Cancer Society and the Zoey Spears Education Fund in mind for assistance in your future giving.

Craig Walsh,
UFCW National Representative and friend of Mike